Hi here’s me SAUMYA POOJARY making you go through about my journey,

Everything seems to happen so quickly, just within a fraction of second our life turns apart and things are different altogether. That’s how too my life also happened, never imagined of coming and choosing up my career in Digital Marketing and Influence, Food & Lifestyle Blogger. But the journey looks very much interesting as this is what I like to do out of any other and all other.

I started my Digital Marketing journey in my second year of my marketing career and ended up with 1 internship in Hav-Gourmet where I learned a lot, my experience was very much new and unique as it was my first corporate, I understood the importance of Time, Money and Efforts the most important things in our life.

I continued being Digital Marketer but I understood my strength and that was I was good at Social Media Marketing and then I pursued my all things within it.

I started my Food Blogging in my last year of college made that page into an Influencing too and started writing blogs as this was my first attempt towards my digital career which I had just started early without having any knowledge but made it a valuable one after.

I started up Buzz Media in 2020 where all the Digital updates will be made by me and published which is my portfolio for Social Media Marketing Freelancing work. Buzz Media speaks about creating unique and easy and friendly reach post that makes the audience more lively and keeps them engaged. I believe in first looking at my work without any charges for 5 posts and then assigning me the projects. Buzz Media gives up services such as Content Creation, Social Handling, Logo Making, Card Making, Invitation Making, Pamphlet Making.

The Idea behind creating Buzz Media was the upcoming and the growing trends and demands of Digital Media and its need. Buzz Media focuses on the Teenager point of view Ads and Marketing tactics as they are only the upcoming future and the consumer of the products & services.

That’s how my life is turning and will take some interesting turn soon.